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Pennsylvania, United States



Latitude: 40.2724528, Longitude: -76.9056694


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ada L. Griffin  Abt 1858Pennsylvania, United States I13122
2 ACKER, Nettie  Abt 1850Pennsylvania, United States I18151
3 ACKY, Isaac  Sep 1815Pennsylvania, United States I4512
4 ADAMS, Levi Thomas  6 May 1840Pennsylvania, United States I12963
5 AKERS, Barbara  18 Dec 1807Pennsylvania, United States I16077
6 AMERINE, Moses  1797Pennsylvania, United States I5044
7 ANDERSON, Catherine  Abt 1893Pennsylvania, United States I13346
8 ARCHER, John L  Sep 1861Pennsylvania, United States I9256
9 ARNER, Nancy  Abt 1810Pennsylvania, United States I8037
10 ATWATER, Pearl A.  Abt 1883Pennsylvania, United States I11219
11 AUTH, Harry Conrad  18 Jun 1855Pennsylvania, United States I15719
12 BAKER, Agnes  28 Sep 1857Pennsylvania, United States I4838
13 BAKER, Alice  Sep 1860Pennsylvania, United States I4848
14 BAKER, David  1832Pennsylvania, United States I4850
15 BAKER, David  Abt 1868Pennsylvania, United States I4852
16 BAKER, Harris  1871Pennsylvania, United States I11497
17 BAKER, Jennie  1869Pennsylvania, United States I11498
18 BAKER, Lewis A.  1836Pennsylvania, United States I11499
19 BAKER, Lizzie  1874Pennsylvania, United States I11500
20 BAKER, Mary  1872Pennsylvania, United States I11501
21 BAKER, Rachel A.  Jun 1852Pennsylvania, United States I11502
22 BARNTHOUSE, James  Abt 1836Pennsylvania, United States I13506
23 BEATTIE, Anabel B  Jul 1882Pennsylvania, United States I12764
24 BEATTIE, James P  Apr 1856Pennsylvania, United States I12755
25 BENNER, Mary Ann  1 Jan 1825Pennsylvania, United States I11249
26 BISESE, Josephine  Abt 1903Pennsylvania, United States I10520
27 BISESE, Marie  Abt 1905Pennsylvania, United States I10521
28 BISESE, Rosine  Abt 1907Pennsylvania, United States I10519
29 BLACK, Katherine R.  3 Mar 1835Pennsylvania, United States I12200
30 BOOKMILLER, Simon J  Sep 1841Pennsylvania, United States I7033
31 BRIERLEY, George  Jan 1849Pennsylvania, United States I15369
32 BROOKS, Mary Stoud  Jun 1825Pennsylvania, United States I17760
33 BUNTING, Mary A.  1819Pennsylvania, United States I14051
34 BURNS, Emmett  Abt 1859Pennsylvania, United States I5464
35 CABARET, Emelia Louise  9 Jul 1905Pennsylvania, United States I12275
36 CALVERT, Hannah Mercer  22 Oct 1796Pennsylvania, United States I7698
37 CALVERT, Jane  Abt 1791Pennsylvania, United States I7125
38 CODER, Conrad  Pennsylvania, United States I9899
39 CONKLIN, Margaret  Abt 1806Pennsylvania, United States I6230
40 COOK, Howard G  Abt 1909Pennsylvania, United States I13363
41 COOK, Wylie  Abt 1888Pennsylvania, United States I13365
42 COREY, Ebenezer  Abt 1831Pennsylvania, United States I6207
43 COULTER, John A  Dec 1835Pennsylvania, United States I15478
44 CRATES, Rosanna  20 Feb 1834Pennsylvania, United States I14086
45 CROMAN, Abbalona  28 Jan 1805Pennsylvania, United States I8268
46 CROTHERS, James  1807Pennsylvania, United States I4136
47 CUTHBERTSON, Thomas Gage  Jun 1872Pennsylvania, United States I4279
48 DAWSON, Franklin W.  Abt 1854Pennsylvania, United States I16329
49 DELOZIER, Abraham  Abt 1841Pennsylvania, United States I12640
50 DELOZIER, Charles  Feb 1899Pennsylvania, United States I12639

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AUTH, Marguerite Jean  Sep 1965Pennsylvania, United States I15718
2 BROOKS, Elizabeth  Bef 1771Pennsylvania, United States I5087
3 FISHER, Mary  Bef Jul 1818Pennsylvania, United States I5089
4 HEWETT, Jonathan  1831Pennsylvania, United States I8853
5 PILSON, Jacqueline Rose  7 Jan 1982Pennsylvania, United States I12606
6 ROBISON, Martha Jane  22 Apr 1956Pennsylvania, United States I11664
7 SEIDLE, Walter H.  10 Sep 1938Pennsylvania, United States I12605
8 STETTLER, Doris Rosamond  1987Pennsylvania, United States I17932
9 SUJETA, Josephine  1965Pennsylvania, United States I11350
10 WIERBOWSKI, Andrew  1955Pennsylvania, United States I11349


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Ruth Evelyn  1896Pennsylvania, United States I11489
2 JONES, Mary Rebecca  Sep 1868Pennsylvania, United States I11614
3 LEGGETT, Eleanor A.  1819Pennsylvania, United States I11627
4 LEGGETT, Eleanor A.  1819Pennsylvania, United States I11627
5 WESTLAKE, Arthur  Abt 1892Pennsylvania, United States I11715
6 WESTLAKE, Arthur  1892Pennsylvania, United States I11715
7 WESTLAKE, Chanty  1875Pennsylvania, United States I11719
8 WESTLAKE, Charles Leroy  1888Pennsylvania, United States I11721
9 WESTLAKE, Charles Leroy  Abt 1888Pennsylvania, United States I11721
10 WESTLAKE, E. F.  Aug 1879Pennsylvania, United States I11790
11 WESTLAKE, Guy Dewey  1898Pennsylvania, United States I11727
12 WESTLAKE, Guy Dewey  1898Pennsylvania, United States I11727
13 WESTLAKE, Guy Dewey  1898Pennsylvania, United States I11727
14 WESTLAKE, Guy Dewey  1898Pennsylvania, United States I11727
15 WESTLAKE, Guy Dewey  Jan 1898Pennsylvania, United States I11727
16 WESTLAKE, Joseph  1871Pennsylvania, United States I11735
17 WESTLAKE, Robert Sheldon  1896Pennsylvania, United States I11749
18 WESTLAKE, Samuel  1746Pennsylvania, United States I10769
19 WESTLAKE, Viola M.  Abt 1903Pennsylvania, United States I11756
20 WESTLAKE, Wendell J.  1916Pennsylvania, United States I11757


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID 
1 RIDDLESBERGER, John Sr.  1777Pennsylvania, United States I8156


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-End    Person ID 
1 RIDDLESBERGER, John Sr.  1781Pennsylvania, United States I8156


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 FELLABAUM, Peter J  1861–1865Pennsylvania, United States I9651


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 ELLIOT, Francis  1796Pennsylvania, United States I4590
2 FISHER, Elizabeth  Aft Sep 1760Pennsylvania, United States I241


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 MARTIN, Alexis  1884Pennsylvania, United States I13439


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / UNKNOWN  Abt 1869Pennsylvania, United States F3200
2 AUTH / ROBINSON  Abt 1881Pennsylvania, United States F4189
3 BAKER / UNKNOWN  Abt 1856Pennsylvania, United States F819
4 BUCHMUELLER / FALK  Bef 1843Pennsylvania, United States F1441
5 CALVERT / UNKNOWN  Bef 1766Pennsylvania, United States F1605
6 COOK / UNKNOWN  Bef 1909Pennsylvania, United States F3328
7 DELOZIER / RAFFENSPARGER  Abt 1896Pennsylvania, United States F3075
8 DELOZIER / ROUDEBUSH  Abt 1863Pennsylvania, United States F3076
9 DIEFENDERFER / ARNER  Abt 1826Pennsylvania, United States F1696
10 EHRHARDT / HUFFMAN  1899Pennsylvania, United States F1285
11 FALK / KEMERER  Abt 1840Pennsylvania, United States F5111
12 FELLABAUM / CONLEY  Bef 1846Pennsylvania, United States F2133
13 FELLABAUM / INU  Bef 1866Pennsylvania, United States F2892
14 FELLABAUM / UNKNOWN  Abt 1860Pennsylvania, United States F2137
15 FLANAGAN / SIEGFRIED  Bef 1833Pennsylvania, United States F4245
16 FRERE / CABARET  Bef 1917Pennsylvania, United States F2963
17 GRIBBLE / BAUMBAUGH  Bef 1830Pennsylvania, United States F2694
18 HOYT / STURDEVA  1897Pennsylvania, United States F2453
19 JASINSKY / SESSLER  Abt 1780Pennsylvania, United States F1324
20 JOHNSTON / SHEARER  Bef 1806Pennsylvania, United States F2493
21 KAMERER / DIEFENDERFER  Abt 1844Pennsylvania, United States F688
22 NAVEY / UNKNOWN  Bef 1875Pennsylvania, United States F1575
23 PATTERSON / O'NEILL  12 Mar 1936Pennsylvania, United States F3003
24 PLANTEN / SEXTON  Abt 8 Jan 1903Pennsylvania, United States F4258
25 POLLY / DIEFENDERFER  Bef 21 Jun 1860Pennsylvania, United States F2664
26 QUINN / UNKNOWN  Aft 1930Pennsylvania, United States F3577
27 SEIDLE / PILSON  Abt 1929Pennsylvania, United States F3064
28 SEIDLE / WEIST  Abt 1892Pennsylvania, United States F3254
29 SMITH / GRUBER  Bef 1872Pennsylvania, United States F1627
30 STEPHENSON / UNKNOWN  Abt 1860Pennsylvania, United States F3266
31 STEWART / RAILING  Abt 1855Pennsylvania, United States F4784
32 STONER / UNKNOWN  Abt 1912Pennsylvania, United States F3575
33 UNDERWOOD / UNKNOWN  Bef 1827Pennsylvania, United States F1298
34 WEIST / UNKNOWN  Abt 1863Pennsylvania, United States F3255
35 WESTLAKE / LEGGETT  1841Pennsylvania, United States F2786
36 WESTLAKE / MILLER  Bef 1842Pennsylvania, United States F2807
37 WESTLAKE / TURNER  Abt 1873Pennsylvania, United States F2810
38 WILDS / SORLAN  Abt 1905Pennsylvania, United States F3988


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 KELLEY / AUTH  Bef 6 Jan 1920Pennsylvania, United States F4188

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