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Massachusetts, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, George Darwin  18 Apr 1830Massachusetts, United States I12173
2 ALLEN, F. Gertrude  Abt 1869Massachusetts, United States I8523
3 BARDWELL, Linda  1735Massachusetts, United States I8744
4 BILLINGS, Christopher   I16916
5 BJORKDAHL, David Nathaniel  13 Apr 1886Massachusetts, United States I9924
6 BJORKDAHL, Esther M C  Jun 1886Massachusetts, United States I9925
7 BJORKDAHL, Ruth E.  May 1890Massachusetts, United States I9921
8 BORRNER, Carl  13 Feb 1901Massachusetts, United States I4351
9 BORRNER, George N  12 Sep 1907Massachusetts, United States I4348
10 BORRNER, Helen G.  22 Feb 1912Massachusetts, United States I4352
11 BOUTILIER, John   I12455
12 BOUTILIER, Mary Louise  Abt 1918Massachusetts, United States I3874
13 BOUTILIER, Winton   I12456
14 COWLES, Abagail  24 May 1698Massachusetts, United States I8721
15 COWLES, Angelo M.  Abt 1835Massachusetts, United States I8766
16 COWLES, Edmund S.  Abt 1830Massachusetts, United States I8774
17 COWLES, Eleazer  18 Oct 1746Massachusetts, United States I8738
18 COWLES, Enos  5 May 1752Massachusetts, United States I8740
19 COWLES, Jerusha  5 May 1737Massachusetts, United States I8734
20 COWLES, John  27 Dec 1700Massachusetts, United States I8722
21 COWLES, Jonathan  2 Aug 1739Massachusetts, United States I8735
22 COWLES, Josiah  20 Mar 1743/4Massachusetts, United States I8737
23 COWLES, Oliver  15 Jul 1735Massachusetts, United States I8733
24 COWLES, Ortencia  Abt 1832Massachusetts, United States I8765
25 COWLES, Reuben  22 Jul 1749Massachusetts, United States I8739
26 COWLES, Sarah  29 Dec 1732Massachusetts, United States I8732
27 COWLES, Sarah H  Abt 1838Massachusetts, United States I8767
28 COWLES, Simeon  24 Oct 1755Massachusetts, United States I8741
29 CROSBY, Charles Edward  Abt 1849Massachusetts, United States I14215
30 CROSBY, Clarence Eugene  Oct 1850Massachusetts, United States I14216
31 CROSBY, Sarah O.  Abt 1847Massachusetts, United States I13626
32 DAVISON, Patty  1778Massachusetts, United States I8829
33 DONNELLY, Joseph Francis  16 May 1916Massachusetts, United States I3873
34 DUNTON, Lois  1788Massachusetts, United States I8541
35 FULLER, Polly Grover  Abt 1803Massachusetts, United States I4685
36 GOULD, Florence G.  Abt 1892Massachusetts, United States I8525
37 GUY, Alfred B.  Abt 1875Massachusetts, United States I3902
38 HALLADJIAN, Robert   I5516
39 HARRIMAN, Howard Eugene  Dec 1882Massachusetts, United States I2818
40 JENSEN, Agnes C.  Nov 1889Massachusetts, United States I8476
41 JENSEN, Emma A.  Aug 1891Massachusetts, United States I8477
42 JENSEN, Florence A.  Jan 1895Massachusetts, United States I8478
43 JENSEN, Howard T.  9 Nov 1906Massachusetts, United States I8482
44 JENSEN, Marilyn Patricia  2 Apr 1935Massachusetts, United States I4887
45 JENSEN, Oran A  Abt 1904Massachusetts, United States I8481
46 KEATING, Annie  Apr 1890Massachusetts, United States I12457
47 KEATING, John  Jun 1899Massachusetts, United States I12460
48 KEATING, Margaret  Aug 1896Massachusetts, United States I3878
49 KEATING, Nellie  Jul 1894Massachusetts, United States I12459
50 KEATING, Norah  Jul 1893Massachusetts, United States I12458

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARDWELL, Linda  1802Massachusetts, United States I8744
2 COWLES, David  18 Nov 1817Massachusetts, United States I8736
3 COWLES, John  1745Massachusetts, United States I8722
4 COWLES, John  1830Massachusetts, United States I8759
5 CRAIK, Nellie E  Bef 1940Massachusetts, United States I12383
6 DRAKE, Joan  1670Massachusetts, United States I301
7 DRAKE, Mercy  26 Feb 1778Massachusetts, United States I8827
8 JENSEN, Emma A.  1982Massachusetts, United States I8477
9 KEATING, Nellie  Bef 26 Apr 1910Massachusetts, United States I12459
10 NORTON, George A  28 Oct 1936Massachusetts, United States I8514
11 RANDALL, Caroline  26 Feb 1897Massachusetts, United States I8791
12 RANDALL, Jotham  30 Jan 1885Massachusetts, United States I8790
13 RANDALL, Nehemiah  22 Nov 1766Massachusetts, United States I8826
14 RANDALL, Phillip E  1907Massachusetts, United States I13032
15 RANDALL, Titus C.  20 Dec 1838Massachusetts, United States I8806
16 SMITH, Louisa F  1936Massachusetts, United States I12677
17 TOWNE, Ella Frances  1 Jun 1944Massachusetts, United States I4046


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 YOCCO, Angelo  30 Jul 1928Massachusetts, United States I13894


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 HALLADJIAN, Rev. Dr. Samuel Haroutune  1913Massachusetts, United States I3879


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BJORKDAHL / UNKNOWN  1884Massachusetts, United States F2223
2 BOUTILIER / KEATING  Abt 1916Massachusetts, United States F553
3 COWLES / BARDWELL  Bef 1760Massachusetts, United States F1899
4 COWLES / GAYLORD  13 Jun 1732Massachusetts, United States F1897
5 COWLES / JENNINGS  Bef 1826Massachusetts, United States F1898
6 COWLES / UNKNOWN  Bef 1830Massachusetts, United States F1905
7 COWLES / UNKNOWN  Bef 1832Massachusetts, United States F1903
8 DONNELLY / BOUTILIER  Massachusetts, United States F551
9 JENSEN / HENRIKSEN  Abt 1889Massachusetts, United States F1819
10 JENSEN / TOWNE  Abt 1928Massachusetts, United States F830
11 LIVERMORE / UNKNOWN  Bef 1833Massachusetts, United States F1919
12 LIVERMORE / UNKNOWN  Bef 1866Massachusetts, United States F1920
13 MERCER / QUINN  Bef 1910Massachusetts, United States F3747
14 MERCER / STEDMAN  Bef 1934Massachusetts, United States F3746
15 NORTON / UNKNOWN  Abt 1920Massachusetts, United States F3227
16 RANDALL / ALLEN  19 Nov 1906Massachusetts, United States F1835
17 RANDALL / DAVISON  29 Dec 1797Massachusetts, United States F1924
18 RANDALL / RANDALL  5 May 1839Massachusetts, United States F1912
19 ROBINSON / MACK  Bef 1888Massachusetts, United States F2307
20 SMITH / CRAIK  6 Jun 1907Massachusetts, United States F2994
21 SMITH / UNKNOWN   F3197
22 WALLACE / DUDLEY  Abt 1898Massachusetts, United States F2311
23 WARNER / UNKNOWN  Bef 1828Massachusetts, United States F1844
24 WESTLAKE / TEWKSBURY  4 Jan 1895Massachusetts, United States F2811

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