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Kansas, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, James F.   I8897
2 ADAMS, Melinda Belle  Abt 1877Kansas, United States I5780
3 ADAMS, Oscar L.   I8899
4 ADAMS, Rex G.   I8898
5 ALLEN, Marie  25 Jun 1901Kansas, United States I7603
6 BATCHELLER, Alberta   I6602
7 BATCHELLER, David   I6605
8 BATCHELLER, Eileen   I6606
9 BATCHELLER, Eldon  Abt 1903Kansas, United States I6597
10 BATCHELLER, Eldon   I6601
11 BATCHELLER, Elta M.  28 May 1899Kansas, United States I6594
12 BATCHELLER, George  Abt 1907Kansas, United States I6599
13 BATCHELLER, Joel Ellsworth  12 Jun 1874Kansas, United States I6593
14 BATCHELLER, Mary E  9 Aug 1904Kansas, United States I6598
15 BATCHELLER, Opal   I6603
16 BATCHELLER, Roy   I6604
17 BATCHELLER, Verneda   I6600
18 BERTHELSON, Bertha  Sep 1884Kansas, United States I6702
19 BERTHELSON, Chester  Jul 1886Kansas, United States I6704
20 BERTHELSON, Dale P.   I6696
21 BERTHELSON, Doris M.   I6697
22 BERTHELSON, Duane E.   I6698
23 BERTHELSON, George R  Feb 1899Kansas, United States I6707
24 BERTHELSON, John  Feb 1883Kansas, United States I6703
25 BERTHELSON, Mabel  Jul 1897Kansas, United States I6706
26 BERTHELSON, Morris  Jun 1894Kansas, United States I6705
27 BERTHELSON, Rosa K.  18 Jun 1892Kansas, United States I6701
28 BLAKE, Jesse E  Abt 1889Kansas, United States I5796
29 BLAKE, Jewell L.   I5797
30 BROWN, Morris F  1903Kansas, United States I6991
31 BURLIN, Elliott C.   I7045
32 COPPLE, Anna L  Aug 1892Kansas, United States I6623
33 COPPLE, Esther L  Oct 1896Kansas, United States I6625
34 COPPLE, Harland L  Jul 1894Kansas, United States I6624
35 DAVIS, Millie C  Jan 1887Kansas, United States I8266
36 DAVIS, Ruth  Sep 1885Kansas, United States I8261
37 DEWEES, Effie D  Nov 1876Kansas, United States I6983
38 DEWEES, Georgia  Mar 1884Kansas, United States I6985
39 DEWEES, Mattie  Mar 1881Kansas, United States I6984
40 ELLIOTT, A. Calvert   I6107
41 ELLIOTT, Albert Jr.   I6108
42 ELLIOTT, Alberta   I7047
43 ELLIOTT, Bessie T  Aug 1890Kansas, United States I4273
44 ELLIOTT, Bonita   I7042
45 ELLIOTT, Burris W.  27 Dec 1915Kansas, United States I7048
46 ELLIOTT, Bursey  Abt 1907Kansas, United States I7062
47 ELLIOTT, Cecil Leroy  22 May 1907Kansas, United States I4274
48 ELLIOTT, Edward C  30 Jul 1885Kansas, United States I4271
49 ELLIOTT, Everett F.   I7054
50 ELLIOTT, Franklin L  Feb 1887Kansas, United States I4272

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BALDWIN, Matilda  28 Jul 1893Kansas, United States I3702
2 BERTHELSON, Andrew  24 Aug 1927Kansas, United States I6699
3 BERTHELSON, Rosa K.  23 Jul 1893Kansas, United States I6701
4 CLARK, Unknown  Bef 14 Jan 1920Kansas, United States I12775
5 COLLINS, Lou Ella  Abt 1903Kansas, United States I9024
6 HANNEBAUM, Cora Wilhema  1 May 1927Kansas, United States I4336
7 HANNEBAUM, Henry Michael  12 Apr 1976Kansas, United States I6609
8 HANNEBAUM, Ida Katherina  4 Dec 1971Kansas, United States I6614
9 HANNEBAUM, Walter Ward  16 Mar 1991Kansas, United States I4338
10 HUMBARGAR, Charles  Bef 1910Kansas, United States I6891
11 HUMBARGAR, Charles Louis  4 Jul 1953Kansas, United States I6879
12 JENSDATTER, Margaret  1 Jun 1913Kansas, United States I6700
13 JOHNSON, Irma Olive  3 Feb 1987Kansas, United States I2810
14 LINDBLOM, Wesley K  1 May 1951Kansas, United States I11396
15 MCCOLOUGH, Mary Effie  2 Nov 1953Kansas, United States I2797
16 MCCORMACK, Martha E.  9 Apr 1939Kansas, United States I11479
17 REIFEL, Emma E  9 Jan 1949Kansas, United States I4335
18 ROBBINS, Con Rod  15 Jan 1921Kansas, United States I6709
19 ROBBINS, Eddie Sylvester  18 Feb 1953Kansas, United States I6827
20 ROBBINS, Flora Alice  3 Aug 1940Kansas, United States I2788
21 ROBBINS, Isaac Jerome  3 Oct 1971Kansas, United States I6832
22 TAYLOR, Maggie L.  3 Oct 1899Kansas, United States I7604
23 UNKNOWN, Clara B  28 Jan 1950Kansas, United States I11375
24 UNKNOWN, Vera S.  19 Aug 1977Kansas, United States I6607
25 WATKINS, Arnie A.  6 Nov 1971Kansas, United States I2799
26 WATKINS, Carlie Alfred  3 Dec 1956Kansas, United States I2785
27 WATKINS, Effie Mae  24 Nov 1964Kansas, United States I2786
28 WATKINS, Helen Irene  7 Dec 1950Kansas, United States I2794
29 WATKINS, Norma Lial  27 Feb 1990Kansas, United States I2798
30 WATKINS, William H.  13 Jun 1867Kansas, United States I3621
31 WILLIAMS, Alexander  1923Kansas, United States I8253


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adopted    Person ID 
1 ROPER, Paul Matthew (Garich)   I6775


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 BREWER, Frank  1958Kansas, United States I2801
2 BURROUGHS, Jean Josephine  Aug 1981Kansas, United States I4343


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 JARRETT, Clifford D.  Abt 1902Kansas, United States I6928


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BATCHELLER / MORTON  Abt 1898Kansas, United States F1308
2 BLAKE / WOLFE  Abt 1924Kansas, United States F1076
3 DEWEES / UNKNOWN  Bef 15 Apr 1910Kansas, United States F1434
4 ELLIOTT / UNKNOWN  Abt 1905Kansas, United States F1172
5 ELLIOTT / UNKNOWN  Abt 1906Kansas, United States F1446
6 HANNEBAUM / UNKNOWN  Abt 1925Kansas, United States F1311
8 HUMBARGAR / JORG  29 Jun 1927Kansas, United States F1407
9 HUMBARGAR / ROBBINS  Abt 1896Kansas, United States F1401
10 HUMBARGAR / SMITH  Abt 1896Kansas, United States F1415
11 JARRETT / HUMBARGAR  Abt 1924Kansas, United States F1417
12 LLOYD / JONES  Abt 1887Kansas, United States F2167
13 PINKERTON / TAYLOR  Bef 1893Kansas, United States F1573
14 PRICE / WILLIAMS  Bef 1917Kansas, United States F1756
15 PRUETT / PALMER  Bef 1949Kansas, United States F1343
16 SCHMIDT / ALLEN  Abt 1921Kansas, United States F1572
17 SCHMIDT / PINKERTON  Abt 1899Kansas, United States F1571
18 SIX / WATKINS  Abt 1923Kansas, United States F2018
19 SONDERGARD / UNKNOWN  Bef 1911Kansas, United States F2679
20 VANCE / MILLER  Abt 1923Kansas, United States F1074
21 WATKINS / UNKNOWN  Abt 1890Kansas, United States F941
22 WILLIAMS / PINKERTON  Bef 1888Kansas, United States F1755


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 MANNING / WATKINS  Aft 29 Apr 1940Kansas, United States F238

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