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Matches 6,101 to 6,150 of 6,439

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6101 They were living with Zoe's parents. Family F1633
6102 They were married by her grandfather, Rev. William Henry Wagner. He was a machinist and she, a clerk. Family F3831
6103 They were married by Payson W. Lyman at the Congregational Church in Belchertown, Mass. Family F6
6104 They were married by the Rev. Saford Benton of the M.E. Church whose residence was in Thompsonville, CT. John's residence at the time of the marriage was Enfield, CT, and Abbie's was Columbia, CT. Family F561
6105 This appears to be the correct James based on two sources: (1) the 1883 History of Union County which says that he lived in Delaware County, and (2) the 1880 Census listing him in Delaware County.

He is listed as a widower. 
WESTLAKE, James (I5489)
6106 This area is now southwestern Pennsylvania. OSBORNE, Rev. Josiah (I5992)
6107 This birth info was taken from an old Hancock family Bible HANCOCK, William H. (I11015)
6108 This census has her at 4 years and some months. O'BRIEN, Katherine (I4034)
6109 This census lists him as Thomas P. Milligan and records that six of seven children were still living and that they had been married 33 years, which is incorrect. Family F3015
6110 This census record for James Butler shows:

Males < 5: 3
Males 5-10: 3
Males 30-40: 1 (James would have been 34)

Females 30-40: 1 (Obedience) 
BUTLER, James (I4918)
6111 This census record is very poorly written and the enumerator is James S. Todd who might be Sarah's brother, James.

They are listed as Judson A. Smith (born Jan 1857) and Sarah Smith (born 1861); however, given that she was listed on the 1860 census, that date seems incorrect. The census says that they had been married for 23 years and that only two children of three born to them were still living. 
Family F632
6112 This census records that she had been married for 23 years and that only four of seven children born to her were still living. Her husband is not listed with the family. UNKNOWN, Norah (I12454)
6113 This census said that he was age 7. CHARTERIS\CHARTERS, William B. (I3456)
6114 This census says his place of birth was Virginia. WATKINS, William Helm (I11153)
6115 This census says she was born in Virginia. BISESE, Rosine (I10519)
6116 This census says this was her second marriage and that they had been married 17 years. Family F1047
6117 This census shows her age to be nine which would mean that she had been born in 1851 and not 1853. Given that Deborah was born in 1853, it is probably the case that Mary was born in 1851. ELLIOTT, Mary E. (I3930)
6118 This citation may not be correct. The names are given as James and Ann Walker. But the ages and place of birth are correct. This census taker also misspelled the surname of another Watkins as Wadkins; so his accuracy may be suspected. Family F35
6119 This date can be found in various sources to be Hannah's death date. This is based on the assumption that the broken gravestone showing this date and located near that of her husband, John Elliott, was her stone.

However, the 1860 Census reported that she was still living. 
WESTLAKE, Hannah (I3939)
6120 This date is a complete guess merely picked as it is about three years after the birth of her brother, Timothy. WYBURN, Christian (I13579)
6121 This date is from Allen County Marriage Records, Volume E, Page 460. Family F2095
6122 This date is simply an estimate to ensure that Katherine shows as his first wife. Family F3675
6123 This information comes from the headstone of a John Muller buried in the Gratz Cemetery. Whether this is the same person or not is to be proven. MULLER, John (I10015)
6124 This is a guess based on his marriage date HAUENSTEIN, Jakob (I4001)
6125 This is a guess based on the birthplace of their son, Harrison. Family F1072
6126 This is a guess based on:

(1) She was listed in the 1850 census but not in the 1860 census

(2) There is a gap of ten years between the birth of George Tressel about 1844 and Angeline Tressel about 1854. 
UNKNOWN, Eliza H (I6499)
6127 This is an assumption as Julia is listed in the 1860 Census but not the 1870. TOWNE, Julia Lucretia (I8526)
6128 This is an assumption based on the 1910 Census in which Cyrus was remarried with three children by his second wife. COLLINS, Lou Ella (I9024)
6129 This is an assumption based on the fact that there is no male child living with the family at the time of the 1840 census. MUNSELL, Josiah H. Kelly (I14849)
6130 This is an assumption based on the fact that there is only one female child living with the family in 1840, and that is Susan's older sister, Mary MUNSELL, Susan Lucretia (I14848)
6131 This is an assumption since he was listed in the 1841 census but not the 1851. COZENS, William (I10211)
6132 This is an estimate based on the birth of their first child, Edwin, in 1854. Family F64
6133 This is merely a guess based on marriage date SCHMID, Anna (I4002)
6134 This is not where he was originally buried but where he was moved when Quabbin Reservoir was created. RANDALL, Ichabod (I8807)
6135 This is now West Virginia WESTFALL, Hannah (Annetje) (I6004)
6136 This is questionable based on differences in 1850 and 1860 census records. PHILLIPS, Elwood A. (I8955)
6137 This is simply a guess based on the fact that her husband's gravestone shows her name on it. WATKINS, Catherine (I3288)
6138 This is simply a guess. His first wife was in the 1920 Census, and this wife was in the 1930 census. Family F1024
6139 This is simply a possibility in that he is listed as living there in 1983. COX, Amon Bernard (I15232)
6140 This is strange as it gives her age as 21 and her place of birth as Michigan. Clearly a clerical error CROTHERS, Minnie B. (I4134)
6141 This is strickly conjector as Elizabeth is remarried by 1860 and is living with her new husband and two sons at that time. BUSHNELL, Jude M (I4677)
6142 This is the name Ella Jane gave for her father when she married Kelly Watkins in 1949. Family F848
6143 This is the name given as the father of Arthur Mussen of West Bay City Michigan on his marriage record. MUSSEN, Arthur (I4156)
6144 This is the name of the mother of Arthur Mussen given on his marriage record. REID, Maggie (I4157)
6145 This is the name on his birth record. GIBSON, Paul Harold (I7110)
6146 This is the name on his birth record. HUGHES, Albert Glenn (I11227)
6147 This is the only person who would be age 22 in 1930. It appears that she may have used her middle name in this census, and it is not at all clear what that might have been. KILLOUGH, Gertrude J. (I8673)
6148 This is the spelling of his name on his gravestone. ZAHLLER, Henry (I10821)
6149 This is the way that he signed his name on the WWI Draft Registration and the WWII Draft Registration SCHAFER, Herman Carl (I4041)
6150 This is the way that her granddaughter spelled her name, but several other sources spell it as Sprouels. SPROUELS, Sarah Ann (I14418)

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