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51 "Anne, dau. of Samuel Webster was baptized." WEBSTER, Samuel (I14305)
52 "April 26, 1783, Ebenezer Webster and Mehitable, his wife; Samuel Fish and Abigail his wife, and Samuel Thomas, all of Lebanon, deed land in the 2d Society of Lebanon to Elkana Porter." WEBSTER, Ebenezer (I14341)
53 "Around 1629 Randall Holt married Mary Bailey, the daughter and sole heir of John Bailey." Family F2886
54 "Around 1663 Randall Holt II married the widowed Elizabeth Hansford Wilson." Family F2563
55 "Ashes given to a family member or friend." FOLSOM, Rev. Clifton Eugene (I3038)
56 "At a meeting of original proprietors of Lebanon, Dec. 1697, who said that the land had been granted to them Nov. 1, 1695, they set off a quantiry of land designated opposite their names. and to John Webster nine acres and three yards. About the same time a "home lot" of fifteen acres was set off to him, bounded northwest by the highway; south-east by the home lot of George Webster, south-west by the small street, and north-east by a highway by the brook. March 1700 and April 1701, more land was 'layed out' to him, and July 5, 1710 is recorded another grant of land to him." WEBSTER, Captain John (I14296)
57 "At his home at Zanesfield, Logan county, Ohio 8th month, 27th, 1883, Lemuel Watkins, age 78 years, 7 months, and 7 days.

A member of Goshen meeting for more than 50 Years. Has always been faithful in attending meeting twice a week, but did not make a public profession until a few years ago, when he realized the joys of God's salvation. Since then, when able to be there, has not only had a seat in the house of God, but his voice was often heard in testimony and sometimes in prayer.

While passing through the most intense suffering, he said if it was not for the hope he had, the pain would be much harder to bear. He died in the triumphs of living faith, and a hope of glorious immortality beyond the grave."

Source: The Gospel Expositor, Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 5, 1883, pg. 4, cols. 4-5 
WATKINS, Lemuel (I3623)
58 "At Springfield, Mass., is entered the record that, May 8 1755, it was his intention to marry Margaret Chapin of Springfield, posted May 24, 1755. Whether her death or some other circumstance led to a change unexplained in the records." WEBSTER, Noah (I14338)
59 "At the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Friday, February, 27, 2015, of Bruce Robinson Wallace, of Charlottetown, age 66 years.

Beloved husband of Mary (McQuaid). Dear father of Megan, Brother of Whitney Gorham. Survived by his nieces, Monica Darcy (Paul) and Ruth Gorham, and a nephew, Adam Wallace (Angelique). Dear friend of Nathan Matthews. Predeceased by his brother, Doug Wallace.

Resting at Belvedere Funeral Home from where the funeral service will be held in the funeral home chapel on Wednesday at 10:30 am. Visitation on Tuesday from 7-9 pm. .....
WALLACE, Bruce Robinson (I10239)
60 "b. Jan 12, 1679, at Hadley, Mass., m. Dec 12, 1700, John Bascom, son of Thomas and Mary (Newell) Bascom, b. Oct 14, 1672 at Northampton, Mass., and baptized the following day. " WEBSTER, Thankful (I14298)
61 "b. Sep. 11, 1672 (also given as Feb 26, 1673) at Northampton, and one of the first settlers of Lebanon, Ct., m. (1) Elizabeth ----- (2) Aug. 4, 1709, at Lebanon, Ct., Grace Loomise. He died at Lebanon, Nov. 3, 1735, and is buried in the old cemetery at Lebanon. No record of the deaths of his wives." WEBSTER, Captain John (I14296)
62 "Bath County, Virginia marriage bonds show a bond dated 15 October 1799
for a marriage between John Smith and Rebeckah Carrick. They moved
from Bath County, Virginia to Champaign (now Logan) County, Ohio in
1811, and Rebeckah/Rebecca (Carrick) Smith was still alive in 1817."

Family F2225
63 "Benajah Webster of Lebanon purchased land in Coventry of Robert Turner of Coventry." WEBSTER, Benajah (I14220)
64 "Benajah Webster of Lebanon, released to his brother, Samuel Webster, land owned by his honored father, George Webster, deceased." WEBSTER, Benajah (I14220)
65 "Benjamin Taylor was the son of Frazier and Rebecca 'Sprague' Taylor of early Belmont County, Ohio." SPRAGUE, Rebecca (I15315)
66 "Benjamin White and wife, Lucy White, of Surry County to Mark Parish late of Elizabeth City County for 45 pounds current money .... 200 acres bounded by Robert Nicholson (being the land lately bought by said Benjamin White from Robert White on 20 Nov 1750.)

Wit: Samuel Blow, Michael Blow, Thomas Wilson and Richard Blow." 
WHITE, Benjamin (I2735)
67 "Benjamin, removed, in his minority, granted certificate [to relocate] to Still Water Monthly Meeting, Belmont County, Ohio" WATKINS, Benjamin (I122)
68 "Benjamin, son of Jas. and Anna, Logan Co, O; married Susannah A. Wood, daughter of William and Susanna Amos." Family F747
69 "Born in the old log house, on Phillips Road, not far from the Reformed Cemetery, in [Richland Township], Allen County, Ohio." SCHIFFERLY, Henry (I4965)
70 "By January 30, 1625, he had moved to Pott's leasehold in the Governor's Land, where he was described as an 18 year-old servant." HOLT, Randall I (I12025)
71 "By November 5, 1694, he had disposed of his acreage on Jamestown Island..." HOLT, Randall II (I11013)
72 "By occupation John Grabiel
 is a farmer, who not only raises all farms stocks, but buys and sells it, and as an agriculturist is active and energetic in the production of the usual farm products, such as wheat, corn, etc.  Around his home there seems to linger an air of thriftiness, and a spirit of generous hospitality pervades the household.  His church connections, which are Presbyterian, and his household education are marked characteristics of his Christian aims, and moral and intellectual intuitious, both as it regards his position in the community and his kind intentions to his family and posterity"

Source: The History of Logan County and Ohio, page 693 
Family F3042
73 "C. Vernon Eddy was the first librarian of Winchester's Handley Library, serving from 1913 until 1959. The Winchester native began his professional career when he ran a printing company with his brother while still in school. The enterprise grew into one of the state's largest publishers until it went bankrupt in 1904. He later moved to Philadelphia and eventually learned the library trade. In 1912 the board of trustees of the new library, built with funds provided by benefactor John Handley named him its librarian. Dealing with a limited budget, Eddy emphasized the acquisition of family papers while creating an accessible atmosphere for patrons. He also became known for cataloging the maps and papers of Jedediah Hotchkiss, a cartographer and topographer for Confederate generals Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson andRobert E. Lee during the American Civil War (1861–1865). Eddy died of heart disease in 1963."

Source: Encyclopedia Virginia, visited online at, 2016-02-03 
EDDY, Charles Vernon (I14749)
74 "Catherine Kelly consort of H. Kelly died Monroe County VA. May 20, 1826 aged 62 years ank [sic] 9 months." UNKNOWN, Catherine (I16105)
75 "Catherine Kelly his wife was born in the same County and State August 20th, 1763" UNKNOWN, Catherine (I16105)
76 "Caty Kelly Daughter to Peter Kelly and Mary his wife was born on Leweses Creeck [sic] 2e of January 1794" KELLY, Caty (I16134)
77 "Christian[a] 'an aged Friend and very infirm' released as overseer of Stanton's P[articular] M[eeting], Sussex Co., and Faith Stanton appointed in her place." THWEATT, Christiana (I9801)
78 "Christian[a], wife of James, d[ied] "upwards of 90 years." THWEATT, Christiana (I9801)
79 "Christine or Christina, was born in Darmstadt, Württemberg,
Germany on Oct. 10, 1829, and came to America with her family.
Her father was a farmer of Hancock County, OH. An entry in the
Christine "is a daughter of Jacob and Mary Schwartz, who came
from Württemberg , Germany to Pennsylvania in 1847. They
afterwards removed from Pennsylvania to Hancock County, OH.

However, in Personal Histories of Allen County - 1875, it says that Christina
was born on October 21, 1829 in the village of Fehringen, Württemberg, Germany."

SOURCE: The Hauenstein & Schifferly Families of Ohio, Clerice Fisher, 1991

(Fehringen is probably the Anglicized spelling for the German Vöhringen that is a village near Weiden, a village from which the Zellers emigrated to Ohio.) D.E. Watkins 8/8/2016

Finally, a record from the LANDESKIRSCHLISCH ARCHIV says Christina was born 11 October, 1829 and spells out the name of the town Voehringen. Thanks to Jeffrey Donnelly for finding this record on 
SCHWARTZ, Christina (I51)
80 "Citty Kelly (crossed out and 'Blagg' inserted) daughter to Peter Kelly and Mary his wife departed this life December 16th 1825 in the thirtysecon [sic] year of age." KELLY, Caty (I16134)
81 "Col. John Hansford who was a prominent merchant and planter of Hampton Parish in York County and was a justice in 1655..." HANSFORD, Col. John (I12023)
82 "Cyreneus Webster, b. July 18, 1747 at Coventry, Ct., married Prudence Skinner, of East Windsor, born March 20, 1755, and took her brother, Benjamin, as an apprentice.

Cyreneus Webster was a farmer, tanner, and shoemaker. His father, Benajah died in 1751 and in his Will directed that all of his children should be "put out to good trades at the age of 14 years." On January 20, 1751-2, Cyreneus was placed under the guardianship of his uncle Pelatiah Webster, who having died, Cyreneus was, on July 27, 1756, placed under the guardianship of Nathaniel Strong, of Windsor, Ct., and when about 16 years of age he was put out to learn the trades of tanner and shoemaker with a Mr. King of East Windsor, (now South Windsor), Ct. After serving out his apprenticeship, he commenced business for himself in that town near the line of East Hartford, and on the Main Road from East Windsor Hill to Hartford, where he remained about 11 years, when he bought a farm a few miles to the Northeast, but still in the town of East Windsor where he spent the remainder of his life carrying on the business of farming and shoe making.

1777, June 7, Prudence Webster buys land of Nathaniel Porter of East Windsor.

He [Cyreneus] died at East Windsor, June 26, 1830, aged 84, and his wife, Prudence, same place, January 24, 1846, aged 91 years.

Children: (All born at East Windsor, Ct. now South Windsor) Chloe, born March 8, 1772; Eli, born Dec 28, 1773; James born May 7, 1776; Theodosia, born Feb. 26, 1778; Sally, born Jan. 16, 1780; Naomi, born April 24, 1782l a child bap. Feb 15, 1784; Prudence, born about 1786; Betsey, born about 1788; Wareham, born Nov 19, 1790, bap. Feb 27, 1791; Cynthia, born about 1796."

Source: History and Genealogy of the Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut
WEBSTER, Cyreneus (I14218)
83 "Dan Terry of Lebanon sells land there to Benjamin Kinne which extended to 'land of Sarah Martin, set to her as part of her father, Mr. Samuel Webster's estate.' (See Land Records, Vol. 14, p. 461.)"

"From the foregoing it is evident that Samuel Webster and his wife Anne were living at the end of 1757, but of the exact date of the death of either we have found no record." 
WEBSTER, Samuel (I14305)
84 "Daniel reported removed to Western Branch Monthly Meeting, Virginia, without a certificate; certificate denied to him until he frees the slaves he owns." BUTLER, Daniel (I3612)
85 "Daniel, member of Stanton's Meeting, disowned" STANTON, Daniel (I9204)
86 "Date unknown" This date range put her to have her listed in the order found in the reference. WEBSTER, Submit (I14357)
87 "David Patterson was born in Perthshire, Scotland, March 11, 1794, and came to this country in 1812 in time to see the burning of Buffalo, although he was not a belligerent. He located at Buffalo, which he made his home for two years and then moved to Oneida, New York, and began to farm, and by this labor he lived until 1834, when he went to Sheridan [New York] and continued farming until old age compelled his retirement. Then he moved to Dunkirk [New York] and died January 17, 1877.

He was early taught the Presbyterian faith but joined the Baptist church after coming to America and died in its faith. Politically, Mr. Patterson was originally a democrat, but when the slavery question agitated the country, he transferred his allegiance to the whigs and afterward to the republicans. He was active in politics and energetic in business, decided in his convictions and one so well informed, that it was difficult to touch a subject upon which he could not talk intelligently.

He served five years in the British navy before coming to America and married, on October 31, 1818, Eva Kern, who was a native of County Wicklow, Ireland, born July 8, 1892. Her father, John Kern, was a sea captain who came to America some years after the Irish rebellion of 1798, and died in Oneida County, New York, in 1839, aged ninety years. Mrs. Patterson is still living with her son in Dunkirk, with a mind unimpaired by age. She is a member of the Baptist church."

Source: Obed Edson. Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Chautauqua County, New York. Philadelphia. July 1891. Pg. 406 
PATTERSON, David (I8357)
88 "David R. W. Patterson of Pittsburg spent Sunday with his mother and brother, Mrs. Eva Patterson and John K. Patterson."

Dunkirk, New York newspaper 
PATTERSON, David R. W. (I8366)
89 "Dayton Debow was another victim of modern mechanical devices. He piloted an electric truck over the streets of Toledo so long that when that means of power became obsolete he found that he, too, was obsolete as a driver, so the gas truck was placed In the hands of a younger man." DEBOW, Dayton J. (I15406)
90 "Died suddenly, on the 30th April, at his residence in Union Township, John Nickols, in the 74th year of his age. He lived for the last 50 years on the farm on which he died, and was esteemed as an excellent neighbor and an honest man."

(Obituary from the Belmont Chronicle, May 22nd, 1856) 
NICHOLS, John Hoge (I7261)
91 "Ebenezer Webster was admitted to full communion in the First Church, Lebanon, March 11, 1739.." WEBSTER, Ebenezer (I14341)
92 "Ebenezer Wright and Peabody Moseley distributed the estate as follows: To widow, Elizabeth, part of house and lands; Elijah and Asael, heirs, land in Somersl Moses, a son, part of house, some land, the saw mill, part of corn mill, and part of personal property; daug. Submit Carpenter, 2 pounds; son, Daniel 6 pounds; son Abraham, 2 pounds; dau. Elizabeth Webster, 6 pounds of value "in movables;" son George, 12 pounds; dau. Rhoda Webster, 6 pounds; son Noah, 12 pounds; son Moses, "all the residue of the estate." Moses Webster, his son, and Elizabeth, his widow, sole executors. Witnesses, Elizabeth Smith, Behiah Crery and Timothy Fuller. Will probated Oct 7, 1762. Inventory made Oct 28, 1762, in which he mentioned land in Somers." WEBSTER, Noah (I14338)
93 "Education and financial assistance are very important factors in achieving success in the business world of to-day, but they are not the main elements. Persistency and determination figure much more prominently and a man possessed of those qualities is bound to win a fair amount of success. William P. Green, whose name forms the caption for this article,earned his own education and during the later years of his life he has climbed to a high place on the ladder of achievement. He is one of the most prominent citizens in Carthage and at the present time, in 1911, is secretary and treasurer of the Carthage Transfer & Storage Company, one of the most important business concerns in this city.

William P. Green was born in Clinton county, Ohio, on the 9th of February, 1848, and he is a son of Jesse and Alice (Paxson) Green, both of whom were born and reared in the state of Ohio, the former in Clinton county and the latter in Logan county. In the agnatic line William P. Green traces his ancestry back to stanch old North Carolina stock, his ancestors having come to America from Ireland, about the year 1800, and on the maternal side he is descended from an old Tennessee family.

In the public schools of his native place William P. Green received his early educational training, working on his father's farm during the busy seasons and attending school during the winter terms. He was engaged in agricultural pursuits in Ohio until the year 1870, at which time he came to Jasper county, Missouri, where he was engaged in farming until 1875. In that year he settled in Carthage, where he engaged in the farm machinery business, following the same for the ensuing five years, at the expiration of which he began to travel for a farm-machinery concern. He represented the Champion Harvester Machine Company of Springfield, Ohio, for ten years and for three years he was with the Deere Mansur Company of St. Louis, Missouri. Subsequently he again entered the employ of the Springfield company, traveling for twenty-six years in all. In 1894 he established the Green-Hurst Transfer company, his business partner having been Earl Hurst and the place of business located at Carthage. Three years later,when the Carthage Transfer & Storage Company was incorporated, Mr. Green became secretary and treasurer of that concern.

In politics Mr. Green is an ardent supporter of Republican principles, believing that the policies of that party make for the best government. He has never desired political preferment of any description but gives freely of his aid and influence in support of all measures and enterprises projected for the good of the general welfare. In their religious faith the family are devout members of the First Congregational church, in which Mr.Green is a member of the board of trustees. Mr. Green is strictly a self-made man and in view of that fact his success in life is the more gratifying to contemplate. He is a man of great benevolence and broad human sympathy and it may be said concerning him that the circle of his friends is coincident with that of his acquaintances."
Source: Livingston, Joel T., "A History of Jasper County, Missouri and Its People", Chicago, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1912, pp. 681-682 
GREEN, William Paul (I13482)
94 "Eleazar was the son of John and Elizabeth Evans of Loudoun County, VA. 

For decades descendants of Eleazar had no clue as to his parentage. Family tradition said he was orphaned young, and there was no record of his parents, any siblings, or of who raised him. His father was believed to have been killed in the Revolution.

Some referred to him as Eleazar II, but there was no known connection to any other Eleazar who could have been his father. 

Eleazar moved his family to Goshen Twp, Belmont County, OH in 1803. In 1839 he settled at the south fork of Captina Creek in Wayne Twp. The house he built there burned in 1884, but was re-built on the same spot by his grandson Lee Evans, who lived in it at that time. (The house was still there and occupied, though not by anyone from the Evans family, when I photographed it in 1985.)

There are no tombstones at Hunter Cemetery for Eleazar or his wife, though they are supposed to be buried there. One descendant says the church was destroyed by fire and re-built, perhaps at a different location. This could account for there not being any tombstones at its present location. (The date on this Cemetery photo is 1897, but there are some stones dating back to the 1830s.) 

In the last decade, researchers have found evidence indicating that John Evans was the father of Eleazar. He had two wives and many other children, but the family structure is not clear. I am speculating that Eleazar was the only child of his first wife Elizabeth, who perhaps died in childbirth, and the child was raised by someone else. The remaining children seem to be much younger, and probably belonged to the second wife Deborah.:
Source: Kent Davis Myrick, Find A Grave Memorial 48211942 
EVANS, Eleazar (I16057)
95 "Elias reported married to Deborah A. Watkins" Family F2507
96 "Extensive genealogical information is contained in the book on the Hyde/Cleveland families, easily found on the internet." SMITH, Lucy Cleveland (I12439)
97 "Feb 6, 1770, the Court "allows" Ebenezer Webster, of Lebanon, to be guardian of Philip Loomis, a minor of Lebanon." WEBSTER, Ebenezer (I14341)
98 "First husband was David N. Barnes on 9 Jun 1855 in Pulaski County, Indiana. He was a private in Company B of the 87th Regiment Indiana Volunteers during the Civil War. David died of camp fever on 2 Nov 1862 in Lebanon, Kentucky, less than 3 months after enlisting. They had two children: Mary Emma born about 1856 in Pulaski County, Indiana, and William H. (1861-1942).
Elizabeth married secondly David Helm born about 1825 as his second wife on 1 May 1866 in Pulaski County, Indiana. They had at least two children (Rebecca and Ettie) before Elizabeth died in 1872." 
THOMAS, Elizabeth T (I2771)
99 "Fred Hauenstein, aged 60 years, passed away at the home of Fred Miller with whom he made his home, Monday morning at 3 o'clock. Funeral services were held Wednesday in his late home.
SOURCE: Bluffton News, Bluffton, OH, January 20, 1927 
HAUENSTEIN, Frederick (I7951)
100 "From Columbia, Ct. records of deeds: Jan. 15, 1805, Mehitable Webster, Samuel Fish, Abigail Fish, and Ebenezer Fish, all of Columbia, Ct. deed land in Columbia, probably near the line of Lebanon, to Stephen Hosmer of Columbia."

"From this and the will information of Ebenezer Webster, it is clear that Ebenezer died in the year 1785 in his 77th year, and his widow outlived him by several years." 
THOMAS, Mehitable (I14367)

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