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151 "In Surry in 1664 George and Margritt Blow transferred land on the east or sourtheast side of Blackwater swamp adjoining John Benoms to Mr. Thomas Warrens carte path, then to the northeast side of the swamp to William Hancock and Rowland Hudson.  William later sold his interest to Hudson." HANCOCK, William H. (I11015)
152 "In the summer of 1861, they made preparations and started to build a new brick home. The bricks were formed and burned near the house, and the stones for the foundation were taken from the bank of the creek which flowed through their farm." BALMER, Peter (I10142)
153 "Isabelle Kelly dau. to Peter Kelly and Sarah his wife died in West Liberty / buried at West Liberty." KELLY, Rebecca (I16122)
154 "Jacob Zeller and wife of Swift Current, Canada, returned home Monday. It was interesting Monday evening to see the people flock around Mr. Zeller, to hear the good news of Canada." Family F714
155 "Jacob, or Jakob as the Swiss record spells it, was born March 29, 1814. Jacob married Anna Stettler on March 17, 1842, the marriage record in Volume A, page 47, of Putnam County [Ohio] Marriage Records, says Feb. 17, 1842, although Walter Hochstettler gave us the date of March.

Anna was born Jan. 11, 1816, in Groz-Hoch-Statten, Canton Bern, Switzerland. She came to America with her father, and her brother, Christian, and two sisters, Elizabeth and Marianna, in 1833. They landed in New York and made their journey by water and foot, heading for Richland County, Ohio. They lived in Richland County until 1841 when they moved to Allen County, settling in Richland Township.

It is presumed that their mother died in Switzerland and that their father died in Richland County or maybe around Mt. Eaton in Wayne County. This information came from Walter Hochstettler, and he had been unable to verify it. He did say that Anna and her sisters were confirmed members of the Reformed Church in their village of Groz-Hoch-Statten in the Canton of Bern, before coming to America. If so, the records might be there and available to any family member who cared to write for them, since Swiss records are kept on a family basis for that time period.

Source: The Hauenstein & Schifferly Families of Ohio, by Clerice Fisher, 1991, page 83 
SCHIFFERLY, Jacob Johann (I64)
156 "JAMES CASSADY WATKINS A Graveside Service will be held at the Gridley Biggs Cemetery, 2023 Hwy 99 in Gridley, Friday, September 26, 2014 at 11:30 am for James Cassady Watkins, 72 of Livermore, CA. Our beloved father and friend joined the Lord on Wednesday, September 17, 2014. He was born July 27, 1942 in Gridley CA to Edgar and Christina Watkins. He had spent the last 35 years in the Livermore/Pleasanton area. Jim served his country in the US Army; first in the 173rd Airborne Brigade, then the 101st Airborne Division, and finally in the 1st Air Cavalry where he served with distinction in Vietnam and was honorably discharged as a Sargent. He was a long time member of the Castro Valley Moose Lodge as well as the Eagles & Elks Lodge. He is survived by his mother Christina, a sister Helen Smith, A son Sean, and a daughter Steffanie."

Published in Chico Enterprise-Record on Sept. 23, 2014 
WATKINS, James Cassady (I3060)
157 "James Ewing Ramage and Christopher C. Taylor, son of Benjamin and Jane 'Calvert' Taylor, were wounded in what was called a 'skirmish' at 'Liberty Gap' on the 24th of June 1863. James died four days later on the 28th of June 1863; Christopher Taylor survived until the 14th of September 1863."

Christopher was a private in Company F., 5th Ohio Infantry. 
TAYLOR, Christopher C. (I7126)
158 "James Jr. ltm (liberated to marry) Ann Butler" Family F2188
159 "James Kelly son of H Kelly and Catharine [sic] his wife died in Monroe County, Va. October 3d. 1837." KELLY, James (I16112)
160 "James Kelly was born in same County and State September 7th, 1788." [Augusta County, Virginia] KELLY, James (I16112)
161 "James released as an overseer of Stanton's P[articular] M[eeting] on account of age and infirmities." STANTON, James (I9798)
162 "James Stanton, Springborough, Warren, Ohio, for Springborough Monthly Meeting in place of John Garretson." STANTON, James (I9807)
163 "James [requested] to be excused as overseer in Stanton's P[articular] M[eeting], Sussex Co., because of his inability to attend the mtg." STANTON, James (I9798)
164 "James, 'an elder of Stanton's P[articular] M[eeting],' Sussex County, died 'upward of 90 years.'" STANTON, James (I9798)
165 "James, member of Seacock Particular Meeting, disowned for non-attendence" WATKINS, James Jr (I111)
166 "James, son of Sylvanus, "frequented Friends meetings for some time past and was received by request and referred to the care of the Gravelly Run P[articular] M[eeting]." STANTON, James (I9804)
167 "James, Sussex Co., mentioned that Stanton P[articular] M[eetings] are held in his house." STANTON, James (I9798)
168 "James, through Seacock Monthly meeting, complained of for misconduct" WATKINS, James Jr (I111)
169 "Jane, widow of John, granted a certificate to Rich Square MM, N.C. "where she now lives"; the certificate was placed in the hands of James Watkins to forward."

This suggests some relationship between Jane and James. Some suggest that Jane was his mother, but as she married John Watkins in 1754, she could not have been James' mother, unless my guess that he was born in 1744 is incorrect. Possibly John Watkins was an older brother of James.
WATKINS, James Sr. (I118)
170 "Jane, widow of John, Granted Certificate to Transfer to Rich Square, N.C. Monthly Meeting "where she now lives" [from Black Water, VA Monthly Meeting]; certificate place in the hands of James Watkins to forward."

Might this suggest that Jane was James' his sister-in-law? 
STRANGE, Jane (I13304)
171 "Jerimia [sic] Kelly Son to Peter Kelly and Mary his Wife Departed this life December the 17e 1795 in the 4 year of his Age." KELLY, Jeremiah (I16133)
172 "Jermia [sic] Kelly Son to Peter Kelly and Mary his wife was Born at Spring hill [sic] in the County of August [sic] on the 3d of April 1799."

I have set this to 1792 only because he could not have been born only a few months after his brother, Peter, and his death record says he was in the 4th year of his life when he died in 1795 (which means he was three going on four). 
KELLY, Jeremiah (I16133)
173 "Jesse GREEN and Alice hw of Clinton Co., Ohio and Jonathan GREEN and Mary hw of Highland Co. to Stephen McPherson of Highland Co., 21-3/4 A. 39P.

Source: McBride, David N., "Records of the Recorder's Office of Highland County, Ohio (1805 - 1850)" Ann Arbor, MI, The Edwards Letter Shop, 1969, p. 426, item 166. 
Family F3364
174 "Jesse GREEN and Alice hw of Clinton Co., Ohio and Jonathan GREEN and Mary hw of Highland Co. to Stephen McPherson of Highland Co., 21-3/4 A. 39P."

Source: McBride, David N., "Records of the Recorder's Office of Highland County, Ohio (1805 - 1850)" Ann Arbor, MI, The Edwards Letter Shop, 1969, p. 426, item 166. 
Family F3363
175 "John and w, Ruth, and dts [daughters], granted certificate to Center MM, Ohio" Family F3361
176 "John Bailey, an ancient planter and reside of Hog Island, acquired some land in the eastern end of Jamestown Island prior to 1618" He probably was one of the men to whom Sir Thomas Dale or Deputy Governor Samuel Argell gave land before the headright system was established. At John's death his Virginia land descended to his daugher and sole heir, Mary... John Bailey reportedly brought five servants to Virginia on the William and Thomas in August, 1618." BAILEY, John (I12027)
177 "John Bascom, son of Thomas and Mary (Newell) Bascom, b. Oct 14, 1672 at Northampton, Mass., and baptized the following day. He was a grandson of Thomas Bascom and his wife Avis or 'Advice,' according to Hatfield, Mass. recrods, of Farmington says Savage... Thomas Bascom, the grandfather, was of Dorchester, 1642; Windsor, 1639; Northampton, 1661, were he died May 9, 1682." BASCOM, John (I14300)
178 "John Enoch came to the West Liberty area in 1815 to settle and he built a grist mill in the Mad River Valley.  The area was on a trail from Kentucky to Detroit and Canada for trappers and the beginning of opening the Northwest Territoy of Ohio. The mill survived until 1962 when a fire destroyed it.  The local IGA store now sits on the land as you enter the town from the South."

Posted 28 Aug 2008 
ENOCH, John (I15950)
179 "John K. Patterson. Occasionally we find one of the old school railroaders who has pulled coupling-pins, twisted brakes and punched tickets for over a third of a century and escaped with his life, but such men are scarce. He, of whom we are writing is such a man, who began in 1856 and relinquished his punch on the first of the present year [1909].

John K. Patterson is a son of David and Eva (Kern) Patterson, and was born in Sheridan [New York], this country, December 2, 1836."

John K. Patterson was reared in the town of Sheridan on a farm, and received his education in the Westfield and Fredonia academies, and after leaving school he taught the winter term of 1855-56, in the spring of the latter year going to Davenport, Iowa, which at that time was in the far west. Soon after his arrival there he secured work on what is known as the Great Rock Island route, his division being between Davenport and Iowa City. He remained there two years, and in 1858 returned home, living on the farm until 1863, when he went to Bradford and took charge of the construction train on the Bradford branch of the Erie R.R., where he remained until August, 1864. The fall of 1864 found him in Marietta, Georgia, employed in business until March, 1866, when the soldiers having withdrawn, he came away. His business was providing suppliers along the line. Upon his arrival in Dunkirk he hired a vessel and engaged in trade between the latter city and Canada, and the next year, forming a partnership with O. R. Oakley, he began the dry good business, the firm being Oakley & Patterson, and was continued until the fall of 1868, when President Andrew Johnson appointed him postmaster, his being the last appointment confirmed by the Senate, then in session. Upon assuming his duties, he disposed of the dry goods business, and devoted his whole time to the execution of the duties of his office, which he held until 1871.

In October, 1871, he took a passenger train on the D.A. V. & P. R. R., and ran as conductor until January 1, 1891, when he was appointed a special agent to collect statistics for the United States Government, Department of the Interior.

Mr. Patterson is an active republican and a member of the Baptist church, of which he has been treasurer for many years. He belongs to Irondequoit Lodge, No. 102, Free and Accepted Masons, of Dunkirk, has attained the rank of Sir Knight, and is a member of the Conductors' Insurance association.

John K. Patterson was twice married, first to Mary Seamans, of Poughkeepsie, New York, whom he married February 15, 1864. She came from a Quaker family, the daughter of Nelson Seamans. She died April 10, 1885, leaving four children: John K., Jr., Mary H., Maud J. and Jennie F. On December 15, 1886, he married Lida Cronkrite, of Pleasant Valley, Dutchess county,k this State, and they have one child, Mildred K.

Mr. Patterson has a beautiful home on Central Avenue, Dunkirk, and is a pleasant, fine-looking gentleman, whose friendship is esteemed by a wide circle of acquaintances."

Source: Obed Edson. Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Chautauqua County, New York. Philadelphia. July 1891. Pp. 405 & 406. 
PATTERSON, John Kern Sr. (I8362)
180 "John Kelly son to Peter Kelly and Sarah, his wife, was born July the 16d 1781 on monday about 2 ours after SoundSit in the County of Shanando in the mouth of Stoney Creek" [sic] KELLY, John (I4468)
181 "John Smith was married again in Logan County in 1838 to Harriet Camper and died in 1840 or 1841."

Family F2227
182 "John W. Kelly was born in the same County and State August 7th, 1799." [Augusta County, Virginia] KELLY, Col. John W. (I16116)
183 "John was a Bishop in the Reformed Mennonite Church of Bluffton [OH] and was a descendant of a long line of ministers dating back through the early days of Mennonite history."

Source: "The Hauenstein and Schifferly Families of Ohio" 
HERR, Rev. John Moser (I7904)
184 "John was a member of the Senior Band. He was also a member of the senior play committee and the color committee. A quiet chap who never talked unless he had something worthwhile to say." SCHAFER, John Todd (Jack) (I4042)
185 "John was the third of eleven children... The oldest son had already died the spring before John was born. John was born in the Shifferly home, which was a short distance northeast of Beaverdam, Ohio. It is very probable that John was born in the log house that his father first erected for his family. In later years, it was replaced by a sturdy brick building, built in the Swiss tradition of things that are built to last for centuries."

Source: Fisher, Clerice, The Hauenstein and Schifferly Families of Ohio, pg. 163. 
SHIFFERLY, John W. (I53)
186 "John Webster of Lebanon bound over to Benajah Webster of Coventry, Windham Co., Conn., Nathaniel Welch. One witness was Samuel Webster." WEBSTER, Benajah (I14220)
187 "John Webster of Lebanon, Thomas Webster of Hebron, Josiah Webster and Jedediah Strong and his wife Elizabeth, all of Lebanon, they: John, Thomas, Josiah, and Elizabeth, being the only children of their late honorable father, John Webster of Lebanon, aforesaid, now deceased, and Grace Webster of said Lebanon, being the widow of said deceased, being minded by agreement to follow the estate both real and personal, "to prevent disputes," they deed to her land in the Five Miles, etc ...." WEBSTER, Captain John (I14296)
188 "John" as middle name comes from Skidmore Family Bible. Clearly her mother's surname was given to her for a middle name. ELLIOTT, Rebecca John (I99)
189 "John, Jr. & w[ife], Rachel, gct (granted certificate to transfer) Fairfield MM, Ohio" Family F3360
190 "John, s[on] of Samson, received on certificate [to the Blackwater Monthly Meeting] from Jackswamp M[onthly] M[eeting] and rtco (referred to the care of) Stanton's P[articular] M[eeting]. STANTON, James (I9193)
191 "John, s[on] of Samson, removed (from Blackwater Monthly Meeting) and gct (granted a certificate) [to join] the Western Branch M[onthly] M[eeting] STANTON, John (I9202)
192 "John, s[on] of Samson, rem[oved] (from membership of Blackwater Monthly Meeting) and gct (granted certificate) to transfer to the membership of the Western Monthly Meeting." STANTON, James (I9193)
193 "Jonathan Webster was one of the founders of the church in Goshen Parish, in 1729, to which his wife was admitted as a member Jan 30, 1732. On the 19th of June, 1745, he purchased land in Lebanon of Josiah Dean, on which Dean lately dwelt, and on which said Webster now dwells.

He died July 27, 1746, aged 45 years, 8 months, and 22. days. His wife was living as late as 1756, as shown in legal records...
WEBSTER, Jonathan (I14318)
194 "Jonathan Webster, Pelatiah Webster, Noah Webster, Jerusha Webster, all of Lebanon, sell to 'our beloved brother,' Samuel Webster of Lebanon, land of our honored father, George Webster of Lebanon, deceased." WEBSTER, Samuel (I14305)
195 "Joseph condemned for misconduct." WATKINS, Joseph (I5661)
196 "Joseph Wilkinson unmarried, from Ballinacree Meeting, County Antrim, dated 2 Mo. 23, 1737, received 12 Mo. 16, 1737. A "Son to Francis Wilkinson Deced." Has lived within "the Compass of this Meetg from his Childhood."

Source: Source: "Immigration of Irish Quakers Into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750" by Albert Cook Myers
WILKINSON, Joseph (I240)
197 "Josiah married Margaret about 1778 before he moved from Hardy County
to Greenbrier County in 1794. In Morton's History of Monroe County WV
but no supporting evidence has been found. If so, the only possibility
seems to be that she was the youngest child born about 1750/55 to the
baptist minister Rev. John ALDERSON Sr. Cole's history of GreenbrierCo
WV states that the elder ALDERSON's only daughter Mary married a Mr.
ORTON and moved to western Pennsylvania."

Source: Osborne Ancestry of the Jansen Daughters
Online at: 
Family F1133
198 "July 23rd, one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight, us undersigned, baptized Marguerite Alice Maud, born July 5, from the legitimate marriage of Denis Horgan, soldier, and Anne Walsh of that parish. Godfather Timothy Horgan and godmother Anna Neville." HORGAN, Maud (I14801)
199 "Jun 3, 1751, the estate was inventoried at 493 pounds, 11 shillings, 9 pence, of which the land was estimated at 218 pounds and 4 shillings." WEBSTER, Benajah (I14220)
200 "Justus Webster, b. Dec 16, 1747-8, at Coventry, Ct., has not been located. In the early part of 1775, a Justus Webster settled at New Haven, Addison Co., Vt., (See Vermont Quarterly Gazette, No. 1, p. 70.)" WEBSTER, Justus (I14388)

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